The Land Of the Green Plums By Herta Muller

| April 23, 2014

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In each response paper you must include:
1. Introduction
Identifies major theme(s) of the book(s) and your intellectual reaction to them.
2. Body
Systematically addresses your areas of agreement and disagreement with the author(s), giving reasons, facts, and examples. Be specific and detailed. The evidence should be connected to your major theme. If you are responding to multiple books or articles, you may compare and contrast the authors based on your major theme. Be sure to cite the page when you are using specific ideas or quotes.
Note that your personal beliefs, if they are to be considered valid, must be supported by facts and logic. You may not simply say “The death penalty is wrong.” You must provide facts and logic that lead the reader to the inescapable conclusion that the death penalty is wrong. If you cannot back up a statement with facts and logic, leave the statement out of the paper
3. Conclusion
Summarizes your reaction and sets out your ideas about the significance of the book, its implications, and perhaps who else should be reading it.
Writing standards for response papers:
Response papers should be written using the standards for any academic paper:
• Spelling and grammar should be perfect. You can insure this by using a standard word processing program’s spell check and grammar check programs. Not only do these programs allow you to hand in a paper free from spelling and grammatical mistakes (always impressive to a professor), but they actually improve your grammar and spelling as well.
• A standard citation method must be used whenever you refer to another person’s ideas or include quotations. Use the APA style manual assigned to format your paper and to cite all ideas that are not your own.
• The paper should be typed, double-spaced, with standard one-inch margins and type size.
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Explain the differences between Plato and Taylor, including Plato’s argument for his criterion and Taylor’s reasons for his rejection of objective criteria like Plato’s.
Walter Benjamin Allegory and Trauerspiel


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