The Java 2 Enterprise Architecture (J2EE)

| February 6, 2014

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With the key concepts and issues addressed by the consulting team, the focus now shifts to the development, design, and components of the Java 2 Enterprise Architecture (J2EE). A major government publishing agency, drafting an article on the use of J2EE in government organizations, interviews the senior member of the consulting team requesting the typical features, development process, and relationships of the components of the J2EE being used in large federal projects.
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The advancements in technology have led businesses and organizations to adopt more flexible and scalable methods of designing and implementing business applications. Distributed systems, which are adopted as a result of the emergence of the web, provide a foundation and standards of using objects within one application from another application regardless of application location (Hugo, 2004). The J2EE, which is an acronym for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition platform, gives a unified approach for enterprise-wide, distributed applications via a component-based application model. Typical features The J2EE has three major architectural elements: J2EE Servlets, Java Server Pages and the Enterprise JavaBeans. In general the application system consists of three tiers: client tier, Middle Tier and the Enterprise data tier. The above elements fall in these tiers and have been discussed below: Servlets: A servlet can be defined as the Java object that extends the functionality of HTTP server. This is the entry point into an n-tiered application, and generates dynamic content, responding to the HTTP requests with the correct responses. The servlet executes within a web container….ORDER NOW…
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