The Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process

| December 23, 2015

This can be either investments, corporate finance, risk management, international finance, or selected accounting topics. In addition to presenting the results, the student must submit a completed paper of approximately 10 – 15 pages. The elements that must be included in the paper will be a thorough review of the academic literature related to the topic that has been selected. In addition, the students will be required to use data to support their research findings. The specifics and depth of the empirical work will be determined by the individual faculty member. • The ability to design and implement a research topic that is of interest to the finance community in general. • The ability to perform a thorough review of the academic literature and to be able to explain prior research on this topic. • The ability to use data and analytical tools that you have developed throughout the program. • The ability to concisely define the relevant issues of the project and provide relevant conclusions and analysis.

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