The importance of documentation during the software development process

| February 6, 2014

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Software documentation is done during development of software and its upgrades. Software documentation is meant to inform the third party apart from the developer on the use and application of the software to be able to understand it. The third person might be in need to understand the software either for the purpose of knowing how to use it or upgrade / integrate it with other software’s. There are different types of software documentations and each of it has its importance. According to Punter, (1988) the most documentations which are done are Requirements documentations, Design/Architecture Design, Technical, Marketing and End User Documentations. Importances Software documentations is part of software development cycle and a software would not be termed as complete until its documentations have been done up to standards. Software documentation is the visible part of the software and if it is not done or it done without considering the standards required. Such software could not be maintained, nor would users be able to be trained on how to use it as well. Software’s without proper documentation would be difficult for developers to maintain it…ORDER NOW…
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