The importance of Diversity in the Workplace

| June 28, 2015

Essay 7pages and 5 sources about The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

Introduction to Diversity 

  • Fact that grabs audience attention: A recent research article from Stanford Graduate School of Business’s knowledge base discusses the impact of diversity on work-group performance. “In a recent article disentangling what researchers have learned over the past 50 years, Magaret A. Neale finds that diversity across dimensions, such as functional expertise, education, or personality, can increase performance by enhancing creativity or group problem-solving. In contrast, more visible diversity, such as race, gender, or age, can have negative effects on a group—at least initially.”

Current state of issue/problem/topic 

  • Topic/claim sentence: What is diversity examples of it and why is it important?
  • Evidence that supports/explains the claim: Impact of diversity in the workplace.
  • Analysis that support and explains: Why is diversity beneficial to a business?

The need for a solution or course of action 

  • Topic/claim: Identify the major stumbling blocks to communication across cultures
  • Evidence that supports/explains the claim: What are the legal risks?
  • Analysis: Managing Diversity, in the workplace
  • Possible solution: Proving diversity training to all employees.


  • What might happen now?
  • Is a solution likely?
  • What’s the future of the issue?

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