The impact of Mobile, wireless, and digital application on airline business

| October 16, 2015

What are the possibility and the impact of Mobile, wireless, and digital application on airline business ? ((social media in aviation))

** Social media marketing
** recommendations and its impact on the business for example
**custoumer can contact business provider ( airline ) any time through social media ( Twitter , Facebook ,etc )
** the way that advertising is showing online every time you search in Google for the next 30 days .
** how people depend on recommendations online
** subscription to web site give the custoumer discount , and this makes the customers to be back in the same website to use this feature and this genrete income and attract the custoumer not to go look for other website
** media innovation, which make more engagement of custoumer with less announcement.
**how social media can generate more revenue ( cheap fares , sell large volume to huge availabe audience, convenience in planning , such as easy access to information and fares , try to develop a personal connection with people so they identify with your brand .
**Disadvantage of social media as Icelandic volcano crisis
** example of Delta airlines and Airasia and their way in social media

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