The Impact of IELTS Scores on Performance at University

| February 6, 2014

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For this particular assignment, I chose the article entitled “The Impact of IELTS Scores on Performance at University,” by Vicki Feast published in 2002 in the International Education Journal. This article is based on a research into whether English language proficiency levels of international students do influence their academic performance at university. The study is particularly based on the international students pursuing university education in Australia. After giving a summary of Feast’s article, I will go on to give an analysis and discussion of the issues and dilemmas arising from the paper. Significance of the Topic Feast (2002) begins his paper by pointing it out that due to the growth in the education sector since, the Australian government support to university education has declined on a per capita basis. Full public funding of the Australian education now requires more billions of money per year. This has made the fees paid by university students, especially international students, an important source of university revenue. On top of the funding issue, there is a moral and financial need to ensure that the fees paying international students succeed. To ensure this, the Australian education policy makers have set a standard for international students
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