The impact of food advertising on obesity in children

| June 19, 2015

Population: Define the age range in the Introduction

intervention; exposure to food advertising

Comparison; relationship between obesity rates in children exposed to food advertising and those who are not.

Outcome; Children exposed to specific types of food advertising will have higher rates of obesity.

Note: Collect four-five published research articles that present original research specifically relevant to your research question. Each article must describe primary

research approach(s), data collection and analysis, and findings.
Supported by additional scholarly studies relevant to question

A literature review structure: you have to follow this format:-
1. Title
Your enquiry question is your title. Make it clear and unambiguous.
2. Introduction + Background
Elaborates a little on the question. Provide a short overview (three or four sentences) of the focus and aims of the literature review and of the rationale for the

Provides reader with the key background information and context of the question. Can include: definitions and explanations of concepts/terms, prevalence, the impact of

the issue, contributing underlying factors, justification for the question (implications for populations, individuals, and implications for discipline/practice).
3. Review existing research
Identify patterns/themes in your literature: What key studies have been conducted, what key themes exist, what knowledge established, what is not known (gaps). ALSO

critique your studies and identify limitations & inadequacies
4. Discussion
Develop the argument about what has been established by your review. – What is known and what is not yet known. Comment on how significant/ useful the findings are

overall. Consider implications of the findings in your discipline.  Sum up the gaps and limitations previously mentioned in your review. State a new research question

which could address one/some of these gaps or limitations and is worthy of further investigation.
6. Conclusion
Provide a brief summary of the existing research/knowledge addressing your enquiry question, and of the strength of the evidence for this information. Restate the new

research question that you have identified.

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