The impact of culture on and the role of motivation in organisational performance.

| October 16, 2015

Assignment 1: An evaluation of the impact of culture on and the role of motivation in organisational performance.

Evaluate the impact of culture on Siemens’ performance and the approach of management in motivating its employees.

You should:
• Examine the extent to which culture plays a role in impacting organisational performance
• Explain the advantages of culture and the ways in which culture could be a barrier to organisational effectiveness
• Critically evaluate the approach of Siemens’ management in motivating its employees
In your answer you should include:
• A brief background to the issue based on the case study (refer accompanying case study)
• The relevance of culture and motivation in reference to the company analysed (Siemens)
• Theoretical interpretations of Culture and Motivation
• A demonstrable knowledge and understanding of a) relevant framework/theory of culture (cultural web/Schein’s model of organisational culture) and b) Maslow’s or Herzberg’s motivational theory.
• Relevant conclusions based on logical analysis of the preceding sections/arguments. 


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