The how, what and why of the ABO blood group system.

| July 16, 2016

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BIO2217 Transfusion Science- Assignments

Assignment 1: Write an article titled: The how, what and why of the ABO blood group system.


Word limit approximately 1500 words




  1. Article Format


  • Abstract (150 words limit)
  • Key words and abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • General content (please use headings)
  • Conclusion (150 word limit)
  • References (Harvard or APA referencing)
  1. General discussion

Your article should address the following questions.


  1. Why was the discovery of the ABO blood group system so significant?
  2. What is the biochemical nature of the ABO blood group antigens?
  3. How are the ABO blood group antigens inherited?
  4. Why is blood routinely grouped according to the ABO blood group system?
  5. What laboratory techniques are used to determine the ABO blood group and how are the results of these tests interpreted?

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