The hospitality sector in Australia has always generated discussion concerning penalty rates of pay

| March 22, 2015

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Introduction and understanding of research:
-What is coming in each of the sections?
-What are the issues you will be exploring in this literature review?
-What are the major arguments of the review?
Provided a research background that:
-Discusses each literature example in relation to the topic/s area.
-Adequately summarises the literature.
-Adequately provides a critically analyses of the literature discussed.
– Provides clear documentation of what research has been found in supporting main argument
Provided an analysis and discussion that:
-Analyses the relationship between your argument and previous literature/ research.
-Discusses where your argument is similar.
-Discusses where your argument is different.
-Identification of any gaps in the research
-Discusses how your argument contributes to the understanding of your topic area.
Provided a conclusion and summary that:
– Adequately concludes the review by summarising main points.
-Has relevance to main argument, with no new points identified in the review.
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Influence of altered position of the cephalogram on the measurements.
Hospitality Employment in Australia


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