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| May 21, 2015


Topic: Topic: A textual analysis of features of the rhetorical situation & strategies present in one of the essays or other writings in our textbook, or an article from a newspaper, magazine, or scholarly database (LION, JSTOR etc.). You may use the article or articles you used for Project 1.

Audience: Educated adults with a general knowledge and curiosity about the topic.

Purpose: To inform your audience using a thoroughly supported analysis that may incorporate description, explanation, process analysis, or cause and effect to enhance organization and understanding.

Assignment: Analysis requires that you observe, describe, and explain the parts that contribute to a whole essay, or steps to a completed process, or causes or effects of a specific condition.

To complete a textual analysis you’ll want to review the reading and your class notes. Also, any notes you took in ENG 101 may well be of use to you. By now, through our readings, we have introduced the components of the rhetorical situation and explained their interrelatedness within each written work. We have likewise covered the strategies and features of writing about reading, and dealt with the usefulness of summary when investigating a topic. Apply this knowledge and practice to compose an analysis.

I strongly urge you NOT to pick a topic in which you have no interest simply because it sounds sufficiently “academic”. Choose a topic about which you see some point in writing 4 to 6 pages. If you learn only one thing for me this entire semester let it be this: if you are bored writing your paper, how do you think your audience will feel reading it?

Assignment Evaluation: Analysis essays must be narrowly focused and logically organized to appeal to readers. Your essay will be evaluated on its focus and organization, as well as the use of specific evidence that contributes to your readers’ understanding of your topic. It is particularly important that your evidence and examples be presented without relying on specialized vocabulary or jargon. Use of analogies, similes, and metaphors may be helpful to your readers. Papers should be free of mechanical and typographical errors.

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