The Genre Review Narrative

| October 31, 2014

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The genre review narrative is a one to two page essay in which you discuss the genre, your writing and revision process, and any elements of the discussion and lectures that you found most helpful in terms of shaping your writing process.
During the class,
1. the speaker Julie told us 4 ways to create character: plot (what character does?), dialogue ( what character says?), what character thoughts? what character looks like?
2. Instructor said story need to follow the sequence: exposition-rising action-climax- falling-resolution. and explosion include character, place(setting), and problem( conflict). In addition, taught us how to write a dialogue, such as -summary ( indirect, direct, intermixed). – line breaks-no chitt chat, and gave some example to us.
3. dramatic tension: desire, fear, and chance.
These are all the information which I learned in the class. Hope that could help you to write genre review narrative.
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