The Function of Race, Class and Gender

| February 6, 2014

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Choose one of the following topics for your paper, which should be typed double-spaced with standard fonts and margins. Include a word count at the end of your essay. The paper must be 1250-1500 words. Develop a maximum of four points of analysis. You are NOT to use any secondary sources, that includes stating things you think are commonly known, ONLY make reference to the book and ONLY back up with things the book can back up. You must, however, cite from the text that you analyze. Citations should account for no more than 10% of your paper. If a topic has multiple questions, you do not need to address all of them. Instead, develop a clearly defined thesis statement from your thinking about the topic. Question #1: Book: The Isles of Pines, written by: Henry Neville Question #2: Oroonoko, written by: Aphra Behn Question #3,4,5: The Life of Olaudah Equiano 1. How do race, class, and/or gender function in “The Isle of Pines”? 2. Does the narrator (or does Behn) ultimately favor or disfavor colonialism? What evidence may be brought to bear on each side of the question? 3. How does Equiano’s description of slavery compare with Aphra Behn’s treatment of it in Oroonoko? 4. How does Equiano describe the “Middle Passage”? What insight does he give into the ways in which Africans perceived Europeans and the ways in which they coped with the brutal conditions of the Middle Passage? 5. What do we learn from this memoir about the experience of slaves in the Americas? Can generalizations be made about the slave experience as depicted by Equiano? Describe the diversity of conditions revealed in the memoir, and suggest factors that may account for this diversity.
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