The financial dependency of NCAA div 1 universities and college sports.

| April 14, 2014

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Attached is an outline I turned in earlier with some resources, not sure if they will be helpful. I wanted to explore more the ongoing unionization of collegiate football players and what that will do with intercollegiate sports. I am all for players getting money for their work on the field. If it is easier you can narrow down the subject specifically to football programs. Other things to consider the revenue made form tv deals and the history of the Sherman Act and how schools freed themselves from the NCAA to negotiate their own deals with networks such NBC, ABC, CBS and others. Also, how inflated the coaches salaries have become like the deal that Alabama gave Nick Saban in 2008 for 32 million for 8 years. Also, as a side-effect of the semi-professional league the players are not being educated at all, North Carolina was in the news recently because they set-up mock classes to simply pass players because the NCAA passed a policy that at least (ball park figure 50%) of the students athletes needed to graduate from the school in order for them to be eligible. Okay thats its for now, feel free to call me. Please call me if anything.
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