The failings in organizational discourse

| July 7, 2016

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In this assignment, you are to apply Holloway’s categories of audience, agenda, organization, content, transitions, and expression (21) to explain the failings in organizational discourse at Three Mile Island, incorporating at least two quotations from Ede and Lunsford and Paradis. The document should be divided into sections, each with a heading from the above list; it should begin, though, with a one-page section labeled “General Summary” in which the Three Mile Island Disaster is explained, and its relationship to the failures of technical communication are elaborated. Make sure to elaborate on the strengths and weaknesses of Mathes’s Organizational Analysis, Formal Linguistic Analysis, and Pragmatic Analysis. Which analytical method is most effective for the authors? How do these modes of analysis fit or not fit into Holloway’s more rhetorical analytic categories? What possible new insights do Holloway’s categories suggest? Further, as Paradis suggests, explain how the “rhetorical export of expertise and its products [have] some major import” in doing these doing these kinds of analyses or in the production and reception of information in the case of Three Mile Island (257). That is, how, in the case of the Three Mile Island disaster, do rhetoric, expertise, and power intermix in interesting and complex ways to create the conditions for organizational failure? How, in the Three Mile Island case, could these failures have been avoided? Finally, rewrite the Kelly memo (as it found on page 287) implementing the changes you have previously suggested. This memo should follow the Works Cited page after a page-break.

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