The factors and rates at which cancer spreads among Vietnamese Americans

| February 10, 2014

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You are writing a paper to talk about [the factors and rates at which cancer spreads among Vietnamese Americans], NOT writing for a government funding, so why would you write “our organization would like to request for grants that will assist us in our activitie”? COULD you please review the requirment that I uploaded at the beginning of this order and follow the instruction to write the paper? I need to use my own field-study working experience to answer the research question, not go to the hospital and analyze the data. I need to do participant observation. DO NOT WRITE HOSPITAL ANYMORE. Your research question is “What are the factors and rates at which cancer spreads among Vietnamese Americans”. You can only talk about your own experience (what you saw at the cancer foundation office), and what other volunteers told you about the cancer (related information), such as “one of the volunteer confirmed that this cancer……” or “from my volunteer experiences in this office, I suggest that…..” You can talk informally to those who work there, and observe, but there is no SYSTEMATIC DATA COLLECTION. Please rewrite it, I did not see that you found that any factors causing the Vietnamese Americans have higher infection rate than other population. The factors should be, for examples:
1. The majority of Vietnamese Americans is foreign-born.
2. Do not speak English well or linguistically isolated.
3. Face difficulties to acclimate to the American culture, overcome linguistic barriers, and find jobs to support their families.
4. High poverty rate among this population in California
5. Low social economic status
6. Discussing sensitive cancers, like those of
the breasts and reproductive system with others because sexual topics are taboo
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