The Extent to Which the Globalization of Consumer Culture Leads to Cultural Homogenization

| May 26, 2014

The primary objective of this essay is to examine the extent to which the globalization of consumer culture leads to cultural homogenization. The axis of discussion investigates and explores into the nature of the globalized consumer culture, focusing ardently on the global media, the McDonalization of society, the culture industry, modernity, and cultural imperialism. The approach used is both argumentative and discursive, illuminating on various sociological theories in finding the extensity of the subject. The essay gives lucid introductory remarks to the entire subject, followed by definition of terms, and an outline of my major arguments. It examines the character of the global society in an attempt to find a converging praxis to explicate the concept of cultural homogenization. Subsequently, the essay indicates the diverging points in view of cultural homogenization in the context of domination, suppression, and regulation.


Key words: globalization, consumer culture, cultural homogeneity, culture industry, indigenization, cosmopolitanism, modernity


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