The Europeans and the New World

| June 19, 2015

The Europeans and the New World

Paper instructions:       According to the accounts written by Hernando Cortes, Bartolome de Las Casas, and the Aztec people themselves, how did the Europeans view and treat the native peoples they encountered in the New World?  Do you think each account had an agenda or bias in the way they portrayed the interactions between Europeans and native peoples?  Why or why not?

presentation-Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 2

Paper instructions:     Instructions are found in the document Conceptualization_Treatment Plan_Instructions document.  Conceptualization_Treatment Plan_Grading, Case_Conceptualization_Process. This paper will be created from the information obtained from the Cleveland Case Summary document which obtains the Case Summary of Michelle with comments from my instructor. I will attach the first Treatment Plan developed. Please note this paper will be developing the 2nd Treatment Plan. Also I’ve attached a Sample Case Presentation


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diversity and American ethnic minority groups

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