The essay must include analysis of theories and practice relevant to a management

| March 16, 2014

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The essay must include analysis of theories and practice relevant to a management
Case study analysis
The Accident and Emergency Department (A&E) at Crittendon Hospital has consistently failed to meet the four-hour admissions targets as required under the NHS Plan (DH, 2000). The managers of the A&E claim that they are experiencing problems with the hospital Admissions Team who they say are slow to find available beds within the hospital, particularly after normal business-hours and on weekends. The A&E managers have also expressed concerns about the capacity of some wards to manage the level of clinical risk associated with some patients. A confidential internal review has found problems of communication breakdown between some consultant medical staff and senior managers, between ward managers and the Admissions Team, and some hospital staff have also stated that they felt unsafe to raise concerns about clinical risks. A number of policies and procedures exist regarding patient transfers between A&E and hospital ward
s, but these appear not always to have been followed.
case study
reference etc.
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