The End of the line

| March 23, 2015

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Using this text:
• The End of the Line by Kathryn Dudley
o Part Three: The Culture of the Hands: 103–171
o Conclusion: 173–182
Answer the below question in an essay between 750 and 1250 words.
How are Kenosha, Wisconsin’s history of deindustrialization, doubts about the American dream, and the forging of a new identity having an impact locally and on a national scale?
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Compare and contrast the alliance-based system of the Shang, the feudal system of the Zhou (Chou), the open system of the Warring States, and the centralist system of the Qin (Ch’in). What advantages and disadvantages might each have?
social taboos have less to do with processes of logic or threats to society and more to do with the control of subjects within an ideological structure. power, in other words. discuss using the specific example of body-piercing usage in contemporary society. ( Focus on body- piercing you can parallel it to tattoos briefly because they are similar. although mainly piercings.


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