the effects of middle leadership on primary school's outcome

| May 20, 2015

Essay: You are required to write an interpretive, analytical critical literature review in relation to a topics.
1) Present an overview of the concepts of educational leadership and teams
2) Provide a synthesis and critique of the theory base for this topic.
3) Conclude your essay with some explicit statements about how you might approach the tasks of Leadership in light of insights gained from this subject. Make recommendations for future practice.
4) Please use compare and comparison-while and however in the context
5) In this essay you are asked to write a literature review which find the strengths and weakness of existing research.
6) There is no need to use phrases such as in my opinion……
Assessment criteria
1) Provision of a scoping statement of the contents of the essay in an introduction
2) Identification of a theme or topic of interest, an explanation of the pertinence of this topic
3) Overview and discussion of the concept of leadership and teams with links to the chosen topic
4) A critique of the theme or topic that utilises literature within and beyond that provided, example provided.
5) Recommendation for future practice are feasible and demonstrate insight and analysis.
6) Academic style –APA6



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