The Effects of Manufacturing Technology of China in 20 Century

HIST 285-003

Introduction: This paper is going to talk about the effects of manufacturing technology in China in Qing dynasty. The major two machines that widely used in China at that time is the steam engine and loom. These two machines helps China to switch from feudal society into capitalist society.

Part I: The improvement and importance of steam engine and loom;

  1. How these machines were traded into China;
  2. What specific item was produced and traded by using these machine
  3. How these companies affected the capitalism in China

Part II: What is the government reactions to these new manufacturing technologies?

  1. The results of importing the new technology from Europe.
  2. How Chinese government reacted to these new technology
  3. How Western power( East Indian Company) reacted after Chinese government’s decisions


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[2] Richard Gott, Britain’s Empire: Resistance, Repression and Revolt (London: Verso 2011) for a detailed historical Chronicle of the savagery accompanying Britain’s colonial empire.


China: Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence as a Global Power: Some Lessons from the Past. 3th Mar. 2012,

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