| April 21, 2014

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This research will evaluate the symmetrical short and long work/leave duration that is in the offshore industry .
This research will compared 2-week and 4-week offshore leave/break in terms of health and safety outcomes, relating it to some subjective well-being, sleep, and satisfaction, accident patterns, and spouse/family concerns, that has been published.
It bringing into account, findings from the research to ascertain if longer leave/break can lead to work rusty than shorter leave break and readjusting to normal work routine more difficult.
Therefore it will outline some of the legal judgments that have sought to clarify the application of the international Working Time Regulations (WTR) offshore. Because, many offshore personnel, particularly those on drilling rigs, continue to work on regular equal-time patterns (i.e. offshore weeks and shore breaks of the same duration).
It will also describe the more general context of North Sea work, particularly the physical and psychosocial stressors to which offshore workers are exposed (e.g. noise, vibration, cramped workspace, steep stairways, and heavy work tasks).
Methodologically, the data of this research will be collected from two different offshore oil industry through a semi structure questionnaire with a random sample survey for 100 different works and also secondary data will be collected for health and safety record as well. And finally these data will be analysed quantitatively with SPSS to produce result and final recommendation
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