The Effect of Music on Implicit Learning

| March 16, 2014

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This is an experimental cognitive psychology dissertation that aims to explore the relationship between listening to music and implicit learning. Both music and implicit learning are related to mood so it is of interest to investigate whether a relationship between them exists. This was tested with an experiment that required 36 participants assigned to 3 conditions of music listening (positive music, negative music and no music) to complete the Implicit Memory Task of the CogLab program. The experimental hypothesis is participants in the positive music condition will have a better implicit memory performance than the no music group and the negative music group. The paper is to be written up as a scientific paper,in a style and format similar to that found in a Psychology Journal. The paper should include Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion and References as well as some graphs in the Appendices.
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Which cognitive-behavioural therapy interventions might follow from this understanding?
Assignment 2: Analyzing a Major Issue


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