The difference between astrology and astronomy.

| October 17, 2015

In order to defend your responses to, and opinions about, the following questions, you are expected to use at least three references, one of which should be your text, Rocking Stories of the Universe. Use Include citations with your post.
•Describe the difference between astrology and astronomy. By taking this astronomy class, did you believe you were taking a class on astrological signs and constellations?
•In modern everyday language, the word theory is used to describe questionable ideas. It is often said that when an idea is disagreeable, “well, that is just a theory.” In reality, this is the wrong use of the term theory. In science, what is the correct use of the word theory, and what is the difference between a theory and a hypothesis?
•Explain how you use the scientific method in everyday life. Provide examples.
•Describe why you think astrology remains so popular around the world even though it has failed all scientific tests of validity. ◾Explain if you think that the popularity of astrology has any positive or negative social and economic consequences.
Please complete the following in your post:
1.Refer to and integrate ideas presented in the text and supplemental readings.
2.Cite outside resources if necessary to make your point.
3.Follow APA style rules for citations and references.

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