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The Development of the Defense industry in Europe

Order Description

Your capstone paper should be carefully written and well-structured, and it should have an introduction, main body, and conclusions

two ways to begin any paper; first by providing an anecdote that generates reader interest (but which then quickly moves to a ‘topic statement’ in let us say the
second paragraph) or which begins simply with a topic statement.
The main body of your paper should include the principal findings that support your argument.

The conclusions of your paper should summarize the main findings of your paper

2) How to do in-text referencing: In-text referencing simply means that you need to provide a reference any time you refer to an idea or ‘fact’ in your paper. A common
system is the ‘Harvard referencing system’
4) Your paper should include at least 10 academic references, and probably you will need considerably more (let us say a minimum of 2 pages of references) Magazines
such as the Economist, Business Week, and so forth do not count as academic sources

5) Your paper should have a correct bibliography. You must use Chicago style with footnotes and endnotes
Use either footnotes or endnotes, by employing the footnote or endnote options in your word processing software

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