The development of political reasoning in children

| February 13, 2015

opic:The development of political reasoning in children10-page Research Paper

All papers must include the following:

(1) Relevant published research studies (8-10 papers) located (through library research, from PsychLit (CD-ROM), or from the Internet).

This means scholarly studies in peer-reviewed journals, not Time magazine, or just someone’s opinions on their web page.

(2) Your own ideas discussing and evaluating the research you have located.

(3) Integration of research you have found with the ideas, research, theories from the course.

(4) Public Opinion data from IRSS or Lexis-Nexis databases.

(5) A complete bibliography of the sources you cite. I am not really concerned about the format (APA, MLA, etc.). You just need to make sure that you have enough information provided so that I can find every sources that you reference.

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