The Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Professional Development Program for General ED Teachers Who Work with ED Students

| July 22, 2016

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Design of the Study:

The design identifies the intervention being used to solve a problem, as well as the population being studied. The methodology is designed to address the quantitative and qualitative data gathering and the method of data analysis of these findings.

Presentation and Analysis of Data

Identify the processes of quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and how these types of data are to be graphically presented and narratively explained. Explain any coding process and criteria used to determine themes from the qualitative data.

Conclusions, Implications and Recommendation from the Study

After the diagram is presented, write an expanded explanation of the diagram so the reader has an understanding of the problem being studied and the flow of the steps in this study.

Action Research Methodology


Explain what “action research” is, and what are the implications of using the action research model as your methodology? Also, explain why this type of study is better served by using the “Action Research Study Model”.

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