The Cultural identity of Chinese-Australian artists

| January 26, 2014

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Each student will complete an annotated bibliography that will contain a thesis statement and ten annotated secondary sources. This annotated bibliography will form the beginning of the research for the independent research project.
This assignment requires that you develop a thesis statement (an argument, a contention) about three texts, two of which must be literary or film texts. At least one of these literary or film texts must come from the unit. ?The data files from the unit are in the upload attachment?
Your must also develop a bibliography of 10 secondary sources that you will use to help develop your essay. Some of these sources can come from the Wheel. However, I also expect that you will search out your own peer-reviewed, scholarly sources.
Another good research option is the MLA International Bibliography database.
Each source that you list in your bibliography must include an annotation (2 or 3 sentences that explains why this source is useful to you in developing your argu
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The Starry Night and Other Art Works
Discuss some of the formal elements (for example, why has Robbins chosen the second person point of view? Present tense narrative mode?)


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