The Cultural History of the Avalon Toyota Model Car 2011

| February 3, 2014

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In this 6 page piece which explores the cultural history of the Car. A cultural history differs from a “traditional” history paper because in a cultural history, you’re talking more about the forces which worked on and changed and evolved an object, rather than the object itself. Succinctly, you’re looking at the forces of production rather than the product. One of the goals of this paper is to not just have you investigate the historical conditions which lead to the rise of your object, or how your object has changed over the course of time, or some other such perspective, but to practice proper sourcing in a paper. Proper sourcing is not just having the correct citation format, it’s also about presenting a source in a way that puts that source’s information into dialogue with your own observations and opinions. Proper sourcing supports your assertion, not the other way around. To fulfill this requirement, you are required in this paper to have at least 4 sources from a variety of mediums (internet, database, book, magazine, newspaper, interview, film, etc.)
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History of the Avalon Car 2011 goes beyond the basic requirements of a simple car. The upscale appearance, increased fuel economy, seat comfort and modern technologies that provide intuitive convenience is all that one who wants class and luxury is willing to spend a fortune in order to acquire a car of such sophistication. The car comes in two grades; Avalon and Avalon Limited both are well equipped with Leather-Trimmed Interiors, eight-way power driver’s seat, and back-camera, dual zone automatic climate control with air filtration. The car has an infusion of comfort, safety and technology advancement. The Avalon has been appreciated by customers who know the value of quality and class; beauty is not to be left out. The 2011 Avalon has or is being developed due to the market demands as per the Calty Research in Newport Beach, Calif. The research revealed the following needs from consumers that led to manufacture of this car with a lot of dynamism
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