| May 23, 2014

You must complete a Couple and Family Map Timeline Project. This is an event focused or situation focused account of the family you are a part of. After reading about the Family Mapping Process and pages A-1 to A-6 of Appendix A in the Olson and DeFrain text, think about three unique events in your life, briefly describe each of these events and evaluate each according to the readings, relevant research and the Couple and Family Map dimensions.Evaluating these events means considering the following: 1) did it bring parts or all of the family closer together or further apart (cohesion); 2) did rules and roles in the family become more flexible or more rigid (flexibility); and 3) did communication get better or worse during this time and how did that impact cohesion and flexibility (communication); and 4) where would you plot your family and how would you describe the balance.

Your project will primarily be assessed on whether or not you have demonstrated you understand the Couple and Family Map Model, NOT how much information you share or how much you write. In other words, do you understand cohesion, flexibility, communication, and the importance of each of these dimensions in how a family functions? You must also describe your family in terms of the family map, quadrants, and balance. Grammar, spelling, and writing style will also be assessed.

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