The Conquest, Colonization and Slavery in Early American History

| February 3, 2014

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The conquest, colonization and slavery in early American history United State of America which is known to be a superpower nation among the other nations in the world, after gaining its independent in July 4, 1776 and started implementing the new constitution, they also underwent through the same treatment of suffering in the hands of the colonizers which were the Europeans, Spanish, British and French people some years ago (Cook, 2000). These colonizers did so because they knew they were going to benefit materially, spread their religion freely and expand their territories for their benefit. The culture, economy and religion of the American citizens were influenced or had a lot of impact due to the above motives of the colonizers. European conquest, exploration and colonization took center stage in America in 1492 after Christopher Columbus headed the Spanish expedition who had sponsored him so that they could find a new route to India and China (Cook, 2000), here, he introduced the New World. Then afterwards, they sailed through the Caribbean coast on the islands of Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and Cuba which then led them to the deeper side of the North America…………ORDER NOW…
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