The Comparative Advantages between Franchised & Non-Franchised operations in the Hospitality Industry: A Qualitative Study of the Cafes Industry in Melbourne

| August 19, 2015

1. Don’t want to be rude but may I please request a western writer or someone that won’t make grammar mistakes
2. I am writing a research paper however only requesting a lit review to be done at the moment. Please refer to the doc “Research report” for the layout.
3. Please read the doc “Research proposal” to get a idea of what is needed in the lit review. (The proposal have lots of problems too, just ask if you don’t get anything)
4. Referencing is very important, please reference everything and if needed, more than one reference at the end.
5. Please ask if you are unsure of my instructions as don’t want you to waste your time writing something that is not what I want.

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A Project Plan Esay
sanitation, hygiene and enteric infections


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