"The Colorblind Perspective" Please respond to the following:

| November 19, 2015

•Propose at least three techniques in which the color blind perspective can be applied to classrooms so that the front-stage / back-stage difference in racial interactions may be eliminated.

•Analyze whether or not the color-blind perspective can also be applied to gender relations, sexual orientation, social class, special needs, or religion in the classroom

Week 7 Discussion 2

“Language, Dialect, and Language Learning”  Please respond to the following:

•* Assess at least three similarities and differences in challenges that are faced by learners for whom English is a second language, students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and indigenous students. Then, design a plan to respond to these challenges in your own classroom, including two to three instructional strategies as well as a method of evaluating whether or not the plan was effective.

•Propose three to four practices or activities that teachers can implement that would help alleviate challenges faced by students in a linguistically diverse classroom

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Assignment 2: Instructional Content and Implications
Education Equality for All Students

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