The Challenges that Face SMEs on Adoption of E-Marketing on Saudi Arabia

| October 25, 2015

You need to do as follows: 1. You need to write chapter results and analysis (1800 words). The data file collected from the questionnaire is attached. You need to fake the interview questions as we discussed earlier. Please use charts or diagrams and upload the chapter straight away when it is ready for feedback. 2. write chapter 5 the discussion (2800 words), please upload it when it is ready. 3. write conclusion and recommendation (500 words) 4. write an abstract (250 words) and acknowledgment 5. please update the table of contents, put lists of figures and tables as well the appendices. 6. please revise chapter 1 according to the late feedback received from the supervisor as follows : ‘However, a cursory glance at the work has raised a few issues in my mind:
You don’t have enough references; you make some sweeping statements about the nature and scope of ecommerce/ emarketing in KSA but don’t back these up with figures or quotes.
Your research questions are basically the same as your research objectives – I would argue that the objective is to investigate the factors affecting the use of emarketing techniques, whereas the question is to find out what those factors are.
Your questions are phrased in such a way as to lead the research in a particular direction. If this is what you want to do then you would be better off positing hypotheses which can be proven or not, rather than questions which suggest a degree of exploration.’
7. please send me one final draft includes all chapters from 1-5 as well as cover page, acknowledgment, abstract, updated table of contents, lists of figure and appendicies

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