The Challenges of Using Published Materials in the Foundation Programme” / “Evaluation of Use of Published Materials in English Language Programme”

| February 28, 2014

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This order is meant to deliver a PROPOSAL for my DISSERTATION around the title:
“The Challenges of Using Published Materials in the Foundation Programme” / “Evaluation of Use of Published Materials in English Language Programme”
Here please feel free to propose/change/modify/adjust the above titles to a better and more suitable one.
In the Language Centre, the place where I work in, most materials (Textbooks) used in the English Foundation Programme are commercial.
There are six levels in the Foundation Programme where all taught skills (Reading/Listening/Speaking) rely on Commercial Textbooks. However, five years ago the Language Centre started designing an In-House Textbook for (Writing Skills). The In-House Writing Books are designed for students in levels 1 to 4. And now there is a plan to design an in-house listening and speaking textbooks for low levels.
The following paragraph expresses those ideas clearly for your background:
In 2006 the Language Centre launched a major and unprecedented undertaking in its history – the first large-scale material development project aimed at producing a series of writing materials for students in the Intensive Language Programme, which later became a Foundation Programme. The decision was based on the LC teachers’ extensive experience with various commercially available textbooks used to teach the writing skills. These materials were frequently found inappropriate in terms of content and did not address first-year students’ specific needs. Adapting these textbooks to the curriculum and college requirements proved to be time-consuming and inefficient. To eliminate the existing gaps, more effectively address students’ weak areas in writing and consider their cultural background, the Language Centre developed a writing and grammar course material for lower-level students entitled ??Explore Writing’. The project was initiated and coordinated by the Curriculum Development Unit at the Language Centre, with the financial and administrative support of the administration.
A number of important stages were followed in the production cycle. An initial needs analysis included extensive feedback received from the college faculty and students with regards to the target writing skills. The findings of this study were the used to create a general project framework and helped define the criteria for the material production and evaluation. The material writers were selected after submitting samples of their work and were provided with relevant training and assistance from international experts in the field. The new materials were evaluated by an editorial board, piloted and thoroughly revised according to the students’ and teachers’ feedback. They have been in use since 2008 and are considered very effective in developing a number of key writing skills that contribute to the students overall academic competence. A professionally designed ??Explore Writing’ series is already available and some Local higher educational institutions have expressed interest in adopting it for their Foundation Programme courses. Therefore, the Language Centre is currently working on a commercially available version of the book.
In this Proposal Paper the focus should be around the area of Using Commercial vs. In-House Textbooks.
I have discussed this issue previously in the attached Literature Review submitted earlier to my tutor on Commercial vs In-House Textbook (Previous Assignment around Literature Review- Material Design for Language Learners.pdf). You can also refer to the attached document Language Centre Curriculum Document (Curriculum Document.pdf) which will give you an idea of the context.
I also attached two examples of earlier years Proposals submitted to the same tutor for your reference (Two Examples for Dissertation Proposal.pdf)
Based on the above please suggest a TITLE and a proposal OUTLINE within the coming 3 days in order to obtain the tutor’s approval to kick start the DRAFT thereafter.
Below are points that you need to take in consideration while working on the Proposal Structure and Contents.
The requirements of this assignment are:
1) Initially a proposal “OUTLINE” is required: (Deadline 1st June 2013)
within the coming three days which will be submitted for the tutor’s approval after which
2) A DRAFT proposal around the submitted outline is required with a word count of 6,000 words
I. Assignment: The Proposal
• Proposed thesis title
• Abstract
• Introduction – Identify main area of Study
• Background to the Study – Literature Review
• Research Focus / Questions
• Methodologies / Methods
• Ethical Issues
• Approach to data analysis
• Claim to Knowledge
• Possible chapter titles
• Timetable
II. Characteristics
• Focus ideas
• Clear structure
• Coherent ideas
• Progression of argument
• Reference to peer-reviewed literature
• 6000 words (+/- 10%)
Please feel free to ask any question if you required any clarification.
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