The case study “Nestle’s Globe Program: The Early Months”

| February 14, 2014

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Part 1 – Projects and Strategic Management (30 Marks)
1. Discuss the role projects and programmes play in strategic management and how the Nestle Globe programme is linked to its strategic plan. Explain briefly what the Globe is a programme and not a project.
15 marks
2. Discuss two approaches organisations adopt to select and prioritise project and what approach would be appropriate for the selection of the Globe programme.
15 marks
Part 2 – International Projects (30 Marks)
3. Discuss what and how environmental factors can affect project implementation and how some of these factors could affect the Globe programme. 15 Marks
4. Propose a number of recommendations which Chris Johnson can use to overcome some of the environmental factors that could face him while implementing the Globe programme. 15 Marks
Part 3 – Project Leadership and Team Management (40 Marks)
5. Discuss the main sources of conflicts in a project, the difference between functional and dysfunctional conflicts and what would be your specific recommendation to Chris Johnson to avoid dysfunctional in the Globe programme 15 marks
6. Discuss the process of selecting and recruiting project members and outline an approach that you would adopt, if you were managing the Globe Programme. 10 Marks
7. Discuss the importance of leading a programme such as the Globe and not just managing it. How do you think Chris Johnson should manage the upward relations and build trust as a key to exercising influence? 15 marks
You should avoid making any additional assumptions. You should email any questions you have to your tutor. You can also use the start of our lectures to ask questions, if you wish. Answers and clarifications will be published on Blackboard. Once a clarification is made, it becomes part of the assignment – so make sure you look out for any changes in the assignment that may result from your questions.
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