The best alternative(s) available to Sony Corp. now to resolve their security crisis

| February 6, 2014

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In the recent past, the multinational that is Sony Corp. has been the target of a wide range of attacks from an even diverse group of online hackers. While the real motivation behind these attacks may never come to the fore, this paper seeks to carry out an analysis of Sony Corp.’s recent predicament and propose a few solutions to help stem any similar attacks in the future, not only with Sony, but also among key industry players, big or small, who may find it necessary to avoid any such compromise. Introduction Sony, for several years has been a target for online hackers. The exact time the corporation has been targeted still remains in question. However, in the wake of the spring of 2011, the corporation experienced a series of some of the most extremely compromising security intrusions in the history of any major industry player. The largely successful flagship PlayStation network was tampered with and customer information was reportedly compromised. The PlayStation is Sony’s flagship product with several millions of customers and the extent to which the credit card information and financial data…ORDER NOW…
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