The Benefits of Infant-Driven Feeding on Preterm and Late Preterm Infants in the NICU

| July 29, 2015

The first page of the document should have appropriate title, author, and date information, and include a running head (in all capital letters, about 3-5 words) and automatic pagination. Let me know if you need help with these.
The body of the paper should begin with a title (i.e. “The Nursing Study”). The first paragraph should summarize the issues pertinent to the assignment. In masters level work, I expect to see at least two evidence-based references synthesized with your own life experiences and/or opinions into the answers to the questions. I also expect this information to be mostly paraphrased, rather than quoted. At least 80% of the paper should be your ideas, and not just a string of quotes from other people. I expect most of the paper to be your own thoughts about the questions, but you must cite references to support data you provide. Not citing information can be construed as plagiarism. However, most information should be paraphrased in your own words to show me that you reflected on the information, even though you paraphrase you should still cite the where you got this information. A strong conclusion should conclude the body of the paper. This conclusion should tie together the issues discussed in the paper.
The reference section should have the title of References. All references cited in the body of the paper should be referenced in this section, and vice versa. For maximum points, synthesize a few other journal, online, or book references beyond your textbook pertinent to the topic being studied. The reference citations should be made using APA style. Do not include the date of retrieval before URLs in internet references.

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Promoting Health Care Quality/ Section 5: Evaluation Plan
The Benefits of Infant-Driven Feeding on Preterm and Late Preterm Infants in the NICU


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