The benefits and disadvantages of bilingualism on children language development

| February 6, 2014

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The essay will be 5 paragraphs include interdiction and conclusion interdiction include a- general background to specific information b – thesis statement and evaluation body 1 or barograph 1 include topic sentence +contrail idea + supporting idea and concluding sentence. and you should do until paragraph 4 the references should be books and journals new publish please use context references like (the tendency to engage in multitasking is (Rapp, 2006, p 604). And similarly, Siegle and Foster’s (2001) observation. inside every paragraph Use reporting verb like according to says, suggest. And according to (young,2006) in each paragraph. use evidence / examples conclusion reference I must hand outline so please attach it with essay I hope you focus on the requirements I hope focus in the main ( consider the benefits and disadvantages of bilingualism on children language development. What are the long term implication?) I hope you write according to what has been explained Best regards,
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