The Battle for America

| February 17, 2014

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Below is the instructor guidelines, please do as he requests You can do whatever easy for you form one of the three questions. questions. You pick which of the questions to answer. Why did Barack Obama win the 2008 Presidential Election? or Why did Hillary Clinton lose the 2008 Democratic primary? or Why did John McCain lose the 2008 Presidential Election? I want you to creatively approach the assignment, but at minimum address these key points. · The political environment at the time of the presidential campaign. · His or her strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. · The challenges that he or she needed to overcome to win. · His or her strategy to win and why that strategy worked or did not work. · Why the outcome was as it was: the keys to victory or loss? · Your personal observations and opinions about what it takes to be elected President today. the book name is The Battle for America, 2008, by Haynes Johnson and Dan Balz. You can also use any other sources
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The political environment during 2008 U.S presidential elections were marked by various issues. Amongst the key issues were the Iraq war, change against experience, economy and race. However, before the economic crisis, Iraq war was the main issue of discussion. There were individuals who supporting the war, while others like Obama were opposing the war. From the beginning, Obama oppose the war, and this gave him competitive advantage over other Democrat competitors. Another common theme in 2008 U.S presidential campaign was change vs. experience. In the democrat camp, Hilary Clinton was position herself as being experienced, while Obama stood on the theme of change, he marketed himself as an individual who has the ability to bring Change in the U.S. this theme of change vs. experienced continued even after Democrat nominations, as McCain started branding himself as an experienced individual. Amongst the voters, economy was a priority as since the great depression, American economy had never suffered such a crisis as experienced in 2008. As an effect, every candidate was stating strategies on how he could revive the American economy…..ORDER NOW…..
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