The assignment is to analyze the way gender is portrayed in some aspect of popular culture.

| July 23, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Compare how advertisers pitch or market essentially the same product to the different genders. For example, how does an advertisement for mens cologne in a mans magazine compare to a perfume advertisement in a womans magazine?


Compare and contrast analysis of the way gender is portrayed in the following product advertisements: Boss woman's perfume and Dior's Sauvage cologne.


General Questions to Keep in Mind

(Important: these questions are not meant to be a guide to organizing your papers. Nor will every essay address all of these questions.)

1) Is gender presented in a traditional or nontraditional way?

2) Are nontraditional characteristics applauded or held up for ridicule?

3) Are current gender roles accurately depicted?

4) What specific examples help support my thesis?

5) How should I best organize my material?

6) What, if any, conclusions can I draw?

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