The Argentinian Tango

| April 23, 2014

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Remember that essay base on own word if the over 5% similar that will fail for submit
The essay base on chapter 10 from The Power of Knowledge Across Cultures, IBUS 330: International Business, Fifth Edition by Dr. Joel D. Nicholson,.
The next couple of SGQs are going to be related. SGQ 5 is the first part of an exercise designed to solidify a few key concepts regarding culture and how people perceive others of cultures different from their own.
To begin please read this week’s Cultural Focus on Argentina. We are going to do this in a slightly different, enhanced way this time. We will give you two extra days to complete SGQ 5 since it sets the stage for SGQ 6.
We want you to benefit as much as possible from this exercise. On Wednesday evening Professor Nicholson will post a special required lecture on the larger article from which the Cultural Focus is drawn. We recommend that you wait to finish and submit SGQ 5 until you have had a chance to take in that lecture. It will be short but interesting, providing a few more details on how this incredible dance, the Tango has evolved to play such a central role in Argentine culture.
The assignment for SGQ 5 is to describe in your own words how the Tango reflects Argentinian culture. This is the main part of the essay. As well, include a final paragraph to describe any current important issue occuring presently in Argentina.
For references, the goal this week is to show you how to create APA reference citations for a chapter in a book. We will demonstrate in the SGQ Forum how to write APA references for a chapter in a book. The first reference requirement for SGQ 5 is to include the reference to this chapter in Gannon’s book, even though we aren’t having you read that chapter.
The second reference requirement is to include an APA reference for whatever is the main source for the contemporary issue you choose.
Again, this is a special exercise. We are giving you two extra days and asking you to work now only on a draft of the SGQ. Then take in the special lecture to be posted on Wednesday evening, and follow along in the SGQ forum for relevant information on how to cite a chapter in a book.
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