The Analysis and Reflection Paper on "Faith and Other Flat Tires"

| February 10, 2014

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the Analysis and Reflection Paper on Faith and Other Flat Tires CHAPTER1–8.
*Faith and Other Flat Tires: searching for God on the rough road of doubt. Andrea Palpant Dilley. (2012).
*In your paper, you should reflect on Dilley’s story–tell me what you think of her questions and decisions, etc. Then connect that to your own story–whether you relate closely to the author or have a very different experience, different questions, etc.
*It is not necessary to respond to every question. Use these questions to help you think and reflect critically on the meaning of faith and one’s own faith journey.
• Is there a person in your life who has shaped your view of the world, your faith, your sense of meaning? What have you learned from that person?
• Do you remember when you first realized that there was something profoundly wrong with the world? When someone’s suffering seemed unjust?
• Was “conversion” a major theme in your upbringing? What does it mean to you? What positive or negative images does it bring to mind?
• When have you experienced a dichotomy between church and world? (p60-61)
• How do you “figure out” what you believe? How do you talk about faith? Do you agree with Dilley that it’s easier to talk about faith in terms of doubt and disappointment, or is it easier to talk about faith in terms of confidence and contentment?
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