The American Anthropological Association ‘Statement on Human Rights’ (December 1947: its emphasis, critical assessment, and its influence (if any) on the universalism-relativism debate.

| February 12, 2014

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Assignments requirement:Each student will be asked to prepare one short, written (5-800 word) assignment on an area under investigation in the course. Students can plan ahead by choosing a theme from the Course Schedule that interests them. The short assignment does not require such extended research, though you will probably need to go beyond the course materials to answer the assignment topics well. Assignments should refer to the appropriate set readings and other research materials. The bibliography or reference list should contain at least three (3) references. Assignments will be marked out of 20 and adjusted for the final mark and grade for the course. Written assignments will not be accepted after the last class of the course (Day 12) unless prior permission for late submission has been given.
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