The Affordable Care Act and pre-existing conditions

| May 13, 2014

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In addition to guaranteeing access to coverage to everyone regardless of pre-existing health conditions, the Affordable Care Act requires all citizens to obtain health insurance or risk paying a penalty. Information regarding this requirement is explained here:
Some consider this an infringement on constitutional rights while some consider this an opportunity to ensure all citizens receive basic health services. What is your position on this issue and why?
Please make references from materials from the following textbooks: 1. economics of health & medical care 6th edition by: Lanis l. Hicks.1 2. Health policy analysis an interdisciplinary approach by: Curtis p. and Craig d. McLaughlin Please be specific as to pages where materials are taken from
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Welfare Reform Act of 1996 & Patient Protection Affordable Care Act of 2012 Obamacare
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