The Affordable Act and its Implications

| July 18, 2015


The Affordable Act and its Implications





The US Supreme Court’s resolution to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its individual mandate is likely to bear far-reaching impacts on the US physicians. Beyond the physician sector, the decision will have a major impact on the healthcare in America.

Upholding the ACA and the individual mandate will likely relieve the financial pressure on the physicians who attend to low-income patients and the uninsured. Furthermore, the act will calm the economic and political anxiety among the broader populace of the physicians that may otherwise have given them second thoughts about taking on the costly and difficult shift to better align care for the patients (Kaiser, 2000).  In addition, the act will encourage the medical scholars to choose primary care specialties, if the high rate of the uncovered patients affects principal care physicians more forthwith than subspecialists.

The effect of the ruling on doctors in private practice overall is likely to be small because such doctors do not attend a substantial number of uncovered patients. The largest impact is likely to be on the safety-net suppliers, admitting hospital emergency departments, community healthcare and clinics that attend large crowds of uninsured and financially strained people.

Eibner (2012) notes, the ruling constitute a victory for the big hospitals, large insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies and the individual wanting the more computers utilized in health care. Doctors in these practices will find it more difficult to make the ends meet, because the infirmaries will be more aggressive in adopting many independent practices. In addition, more doctors will flee federal payer programs, thus increasing opting out of the Medicare to stay clear of the electronic medical record purchases. More doctors will retire, making the current deficit even more palpable.



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