The Advantages and disadvantages of the Chinese Intervention in the Korean War

| February 3, 2014

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The Chinese Intervention Conclusion The Advantages and disadvantages of the Chinese Intervention in the Korean War Introduction The Korean War was the first main armed clash between the forces of Communism and the Free World. The war began on 25th June 1950. As a result of the war, China experienced both negative and positive effects. The Peoples Republic of China had sent part of its well trained troops to join the war. There were some victory cases to the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) at the initial stages. On the contrary, some losses took place. The losses were both in terms of casualties, materials and the battle field. The losses exposed China‚Äôs weaknesses in air support, firepower, communication and logistics. These effects made the country to professionalize and modernize itself on a very large scale. During the war, the commander of the Peoples Liberation Army of China was known as Marshal Peng Dehuai. He was later made into the first defense minister. This was a strategy to ensure that he implemented the reforms and changes within the military like weaponry modernization, discipline and training, conscription and a rank system………..ORDER NOW…
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