| March 27, 2014

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QUESTION: How do changing gender roles affect the sex work trade in Thailand? Make sure to include specific examples and cite all of the sources used within the paper.
You must use these 8 sources below:
Brenner, S. (2011). Private moralities in the public sphere: Democratization, Islam and gender in indonesia. American anthropologist, 113(3), 478-490.
Curran, S. & Saguy, A. (2001). Migration and cultural change: A role for gender and social networks. Journal of international women’s studies, 2(3), 54-77.
Holden, S. (2012). Three settings, 3 countries and the world of women who live by their bodies: Whores glory. The New York Times.
Iwanaga, K. (2008). Women and politics in Thailand: Continuity and change.
Copenhagen. Nias Press.
Jones, C. (2010). Better women: The cultural politics of gendered expertise in Indonesia. American anthropologist, 112(2), 270-282.
Majurin, E. & Nelien, H. (2008). Work, income and gender equality in East Asia. International labor organization.
Ojanen, T. (2009). Sexual ‘gender minorities in Thailand: identities, challenges and voluntary-sector counseling. Sexuality research and social policy, 6. (2), 4-32.
Stewart, C. (2014). Asian slaves to the Australian sex industry. The weekend Australian magazine.
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Comfort Women" statue in Glendale, California, and issue of "strategic rape" around the world
Race, Class, and Gender in the United States by Paula S. Rothenberg


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